Cultivation Investor

This is big business with adjacent market opportunities

Surna has an unmatched level of expertise as a total solutions provider for cultivation environments. Our products and services benefit the cultivator with greater yield, more security, and better energy efficiency—resulting in practical and timely ROI for cultivators and investors.

And we also believe that climate change is causing a serious crisis in agriculture and food supply operations: less water, more weather volatility, and harsher drought conditions are already taking a toll on farmers, and we expect these agricultural challenges to intensify. As the worldwide population continues to increase at a somewhat alarming rate—11 billion by the year 2100—and food consumption becomes more local than ever, Surna is poised to slingshot from cannabis into global agriculture solutions. Surna took root in cannabis (and cannabis will always be our home), but our cultivation expertise and innovative product solutions bring success to any indoor, farm-grown, food operation. In fact, it’s often said that if you can succeed in growing cannabis, you can grow anything, anywhere—even potatoes on Mars! So join us and grow with Surna.