Your bottom line is our top priority

Operating costs can kill your profits; we get it. But you can’t sacrifice a superior product to save on costs, either.

The business case for choosing Surna is simple and straightforward: Our application-specific climate control, automation and biosecurity systems are more reliable, more secure, and provide better energy efficiency—up to 65% less energy—resulting in higher yields and practical and timely ROI. In other words, we always make your bottom line our top priority.

As cross-disciplinary experts, we take time to fully understand your business goals, climate conditions and facility before building a precise system that will meet your business and cultivation goals. With over a decade of experience in cultivation environments, we’ll always design your environment correctly the first time, within budget, with a laser focus on biosecurity, efficiency and system redundancy.

Legalization and regulation of cannabis means that standardized, consistent product can be created. Standardization is not only a concern of growers to ensure medical patients know their dosage; it is also critical for cultivators who want to forecast production. As anyone who has started their own cultivation facility knows, setting up a commercial facility is an expensive undertaking which normally requires outside private investment. But before any cultivator or facility owner can get that investment, they must demonstrate their projected earnings from the project. Further, cultivators and facility owners must then meet those projections. Quality standardization and control is key to properly forecasting business success, making investors happy and allowing businesses to run smoothly.

Unfortunately, ensuring consistent, standardized quality is not always easy when it comes to cultivating a plant. Plants are living things and can vary in yield depending on a number of conditions from genetics to lighting to environment. Any change in light, temperature or humidity levels can cause plants to be unable to express their full genetic potential, leading to variances in THC and CBD levels and yield. The only way to truly ensure a consistent quality plant is to control the growing environment completely, with no interruptions or unplanned temperature and humidity swings. Therefore, setting up the exact same growing conditions for each crop is critical.

At Surna, we spend a lot of time thinking about this when designing our equipment and services. We understand that the future of this industry is consistent quality and yields that cultivators, patients, owners and investors can depend on which is why we prioritize reliability when designing our equipment and offerings. Choosing a Surna system means that you can count on your environment in every aspect.

Dave Spillman

High Mountain Health

Surna’s 300PPD dehumidifier was the first piece of equipment that I purchased for my cultivation facility that is a true piece of industrial equipment rather than something made for hobby growing. We added Surna’s dehumidifiers when we did an addition to our cultivation and they perform exactly as advertised by removing every bit of excess moisture and holding rooms at the perfect humidity for us.

When looking for equipment, the number one concern for us was downtime. Every room that I’ve put one of Surna’s dehumidifiers in is a no brainer–they hold the humidity perfectly and we haven’t had any failures whatsoever.

The second thing we looked for was efficacy and the third was simplicity of use. With these dehumidifiers, you hang them and then forget about them. We never have to worry about having humidity spikes, even when we’re flushing.

Surna is a group of professionals. The equipment is fantastic. Cannabis cultivation is now an industry, not a hobby, so I recommend aligning yourself with the best.

Brian Lade

The Clone Zone

I have been so impressed with all of the contractors who worked on our project and especially Surna, my HVAC company. I was referred to Brandy by a fellow grower. My experience with her has been fantastic. She is professional and knowledgeable not only about HVAC systems but also about grow room design and set-up. Her recommendations will make and save me money for years to come. My experience with the installation team was just as positive. It was a pleasure to watch Johnny and his crew work. The system is a work of art. It looks awesome, runs quiet, and keeps my environment perfect. I can’t wait to setup my next grow so I can have them back. I honestly feel lucky to have had Surna work on my grow. I consider them to be the best company in the world at what they do. Where I come from they would be known as “straight gangster.”

Fitz Couhig


Surna was a major reason we were able to succeed getting our products to market. They were the only folks we worked with that fulfilled on time and at the costs they quoted during our entire licensing and build out process…the only one. The end result is perfect climate control and incredible service from great people. Great people make great companies. Surna is great.

If someone uses anyone other than Surna for HVAC right now, it’s a mistake.

Gerald Sloat

1224 Commerce, LLC

Thank you for your efforts to provide us with a properly sized, energy efficient HVAC system at a reasonable price. I particularly appreciate that you have given us a substantial amount of your time and expertise.

I am more than satisfied with Surna and I will certainly recommend you to others in this industry who want “first class” equipment and service.

Joe Mahoney

Mahoney Greens

Surna provided the best option for efficient cooling. The installation process was great and went smoothly. For anyone looking for a cooling system, Surna is the way to go.

Nick Kelly

Knight's Hemplar

Surna Products:
At Knights Hemplar, we have two 10-ton chillers and eight air handlers that we got from Surna for our 3,000 square feet of cannabis canopy in Western Washington. With the Surna system, we can have full control over the room’s environmental factors, letting us grow our cannabis the way we want to grow it. The Surna system allows us to have consistency in our rooms, meaning we’re not getting problems like plant pathogens, molds, and spores. We can set the temperature where we want it to be and it keeps the whole room at that temperature, so I can have the confidence that my product is going to be good each time around. The whole Surna system works awesome; it’s a great way to control your climate.

Surna Services:
I had the whole grow room design in my brain before contacting Surna. Working with Surna helped me resolve my working plan. They were able to complete the technical pieces like the flow rates of the water, what pump size I needed, and other engineering factors. I put together a plan of what we wanted and Surna had the experience, numbers, and confidence to work with me down the right path.