Small Steps to a More Sustainable Business

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Small Steps to a More Sustainable Business

Posted by Celia Daly on April 22, 2016 12:00 am
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At Surna, we talk a lot about creating a more efficient cultivation operation. While we are often focused on educating business owners and growers about how to reduce their energy usage or layout a facility to create better flow, there are many things that can be done within a business to make it more efficient and sustainable.

Within Surna, we took a hard look at some of our initial practices and realized there were easy changes we could make to create a more efficient, and sustainable office environment. We implemented in office recycling bins and, in addition to the recycling from the warehouse, we now recycle multiple bins of cardboard and other recyclable materials weekly. Additionally, we switched away from disposable coffee cups, cutlery and plates in the office and breakroom and instead use reusable dishware.

Most exciting, however, we found sources to recycle scrap metal from our manufacturing process. In 2015, we recycled 16,353 pounds of scrap steel, copper, aluminum, computer wires and electric motors. Additionally, we donated other scrap metal pieces to an organization that helps support survivors of sexual violence. Through this process, we are not only able to donate scrap metal to be given a new life, but we are also able to help members of the community start a new life when they need it most.

Even small changes can make a large difference. This Earth Day, take a look around your business and see if there are any easy changes that can be made to make your business more efficient or sustainable.By taking care of the small items, the larger ones won’t seem as daunting when it comes time to tackle them.

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