Who is Surna?

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Who is Surna?

Posted by Celia Daly on January 12, 2017 12:00 am
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Every week we to put together a blog that we believe brings much needed information to our readers. We really enjoy being able to share all the wisdom we gather in our various daily activities here at Surna to a reader base who will appreciate and use it. However, today we want to do something a little different. This is your warning: we’re plugging Surna today because it’s, well, awesome. And we want to share with you guys why we think Surna is so awesome.

Surna has existed in one form or another for almost 10 years– offering climate control solutions strictly to the cannabis industry since before the industry became the giant it is today. We have been dedicated to helping people set up new (or expand existing) cultivation facilities. But we still sometimes run into people who aren’t familiar with all that we offer, so here it goes.


Surna has more experience in climate control for the cannabis industry than anyone else. Like I just mentioned, we’ve been doing this exclusively for almost a decade and we have both the technology and cannabis knowledge needed to make your grow successful. Our entire business model revolves around these plants and their needs which means that any person you talk to in your time working with Surna is going to be thinking about how to build an ideal environment for growing cannabis and only that. Unlike many others in the market, we know that providing the ideal environment means managing massive amounts of heat and humidity. We like to say that climate control for cannabis cultivation is like trying to cool an indoor heated swimming pool inside of a server farm. It’s a challenging task to not only get your climate to the right humidity and temperature targets, but to keep it there as well; and we know we can get you there.

When you come to Surna for your climate control, we’re going to size your system correctly the first time. We’ve heard horror story after horror story about people trying to use traditional HVAC systems without the expertise and then the project fails because it wasn’t sized properly.  This can cause thousands of dollars of damage in lost and ruined crops. We never want our customers to experience these issues and luckily, we have the expertise to be sure that won’t happen.

We also understand our diverse customers and we know that there are different budgets and needs in each grow. Because we’re familiar with all aspects of growing cannabis, we are committed to working with our customers to find an option that is the ideal intersection of budget, efficiency and reliability to ensure you’re always covered.


Our expertise in this industry also means that we are able to design and build technology specifically for indoor cannabis cultivation. Our technology is the Ford Truck of climate control. It is efficient, reliable and intelligent. First, we use a hydronic cooling method which not only uses 15-30% less energy, but is also significantly more effective at cooling an indoor environment regardless of the temperature outside. Our technology also allows cultivators to have a totally sealed cultivation area which is becoming increasingly important in a world of stricter testing standards. Beyond that, our technology is designed to offer ample redundancy, ensuring you never lose coverage even if there is a mechanical failure of some type. This type of reliability is hard to come by in the industry but is so crucial for success.

Finally, all Surna systems are intelligent and can be integrated with almost any automation application on the market, allowing you to see and control performance from wherever, on whatever, platform makes you most comfortable.


Unlike many other equipment design and manufacturing companies, Surna also offers a service component to our clients. We know how complicated the process of setting up a cultivation facility is so we’ve designed our business to not only offer the equipment you need but also the appropriate support in engineering and installing that equipment. Like everything else we do, this will be designed for your particular needs.

With every Surna system, we offer full engineering. When you buy from us, you will receive plans and schematics, making the installation process smooth. We can also pull permits for you to make the process even simpler.

Beyond engineering, we also offer project and installation management. Our project managers will be with you every step of the way to make sure you have all your questions answered as well as all the information you and your contractors need for installation and commissioning. Most Surna systems also include a few site visits or remote support from our installation managers, working with your contractors to be sure everything is installed correctly and efficiently. These guys have decades of construction experience and like everyone else at Surna, are very familiar with the unique needs of cannabis.

Our aim is to be a one-stop shop for our clients. We want to be sure that when you come to us, you’re taken care of. From the planning to execution to commissioning, we will be with you offering expertise, top-notch technology and reliable service for your project.
So these are a few reasons we think Surna is awesome, but drop us a line and see for yourself!

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