MJBizCon Las Vegas 2022 Highlights

Earlier this month, we joined the 11th annual Marijuana Business Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Surna Cultivation Technologies team gathered on the expo floor to connect with new and familiar faces alike. Here were some of our favorite highlights from the event.
November 30, 2022

Earlier this month, we joined the 11th annual Marijuana Business Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hosted by MJBiz Daily, MJBizCon welcomed over 1,400 exhibitors, 180+ speakers, and 35,000 attendees for 3-days of education and networking for cannabis industry professionals around the world.

The Surna team gathered in Las Vegas to meet new growers and to take the opportunity to connect with some of our existing clients. Located only a few rows from the main entrance, our booth space was flooded with both new and familiar faces.

walking mjbizcon show floor

Perhaps the biggest hit at our booth was our unique hologram exhibit. While we would love to bring what we do to life at MJBiz, it would be a bit difficult to bring a lineup of air handlers, benches, lights, controls, and more to the show floor! Instead, Surna Engineering Designer Evan Duvall, modeled a selection of our products so they could be displayed in 3D. It turns out, you don’t have to be a Star Wars character to experience the power of a hologram – you just need an engineering designer and a display!

MJBizCon hologram in booth

Finally, congratulations are in order for the winners of our Stirling Engine Model Giveaway! On display in our booth was one of two Stirling Engines we gave away as prizes for those who entered our drawing. These engines work by cyclically heating and cooling the air inside the main chamber, and can be powered by sunlight, body heat, warm water, and even ice! In fact, one of the engines was assembled by none other than Surna Application Engineers Ian Atkins, P.E., and Declan Byrne.

ian atkins and declan byrne surna cultivation technologies engineers assemble stirling engine model

If you saw us at the show, we hope you also stopped by some of our affiliates at Anden and HydroBuilder.

We hope to see you next year at MJBizCon, Las Vegas 2023!

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