(WEBINAR) Race to the Bottom: How to Survive When the Pound Price Tanks

Managing operating costs while maximizing yields is the only way to survive the inevitable decline in revenue associated with changing market conditions. Watch the webinar recording now.
December 1, 2022

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We all love that new-market $4000 price-per-pound. But realistically, cultivators are getting squeezed in mature states, and at some point, they’ll get squeezed in all of them. Managing operating costs while maximizing yields is the only way to survive the inevitable decline in revenue associated with changing market conditions. In this recorded webinar, our panel of experts discuss how you can produce more for less.


  • Brandy Keen – Co-Founder & Sr. Technical Advisor, Surna Cultivation Technologies
  • Chad Hanson, RA, ALA – Architect NCARB, Premier Architecture
  • Ashley Hubbard – Director of Cultivation, Rair Co.
  • Stephen Stewart – New Business Manager, Evoqua Water Technologies

Discussion topics include:

  • Using data collection and R&D to optimize your processes
  • Designing facility layouts for efficiency
  • Minimizing electricity use
  • Ways to save: HVAC, lighting, and water
  • And more!

Watch now to learn how existing operators can lower operating costs, and how new cultivators can design for lower costs from the start.

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This webinar was recorded on November 29th, 2022. The recording is available for free on YouTube.

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