Equipment designed for indoor and sealed greenhouse cultivation

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At Surna, we understand the unique challenges indoor cultivation environments present so we design our cultivation equipment with your facility in mind, delivering results cultivators want. Consistency and reliability are key to an optimal growing environment, and we know that cultivation is a 24/7/365 job.

Our climate control products are designed to work efficiently with easy maintenance. In everything we do, our goal is to help you cultivate the highest possible yields with the lowest possible operating costs. All our cultivation products are designed for energy and water efficiency, saving you money and allowing you more time for perfecting your growing technique.

Intelligent solutions are also key for indoor and sealed greenhouse cannabis growth. For better data that can lead to better results, we offer sensors, controls and automation to help you manage your environment. Being competitive requires product repeatability. How will you know you can produce the same successful crop every time, if you don’t know how you did it the last time? Know your grow with Surna SentryIQ.

Why Choose Surna?

We’ve specialized in customized grow room equipment for the cannabis industry since 2006. We design, engineer and manufacture custom products that address the unique needs and challenges of this crop. Unlike HVAC systems that are repurposed from other commercial applications, our cannabis growing equipment is created from the ground up with this specific cultivator in mind.

In addition to the grow house equipment we supply, our customers also benefit from our extensive expertise. Our in-house capabilities mean we can maximize the productivity and efficiency of what we build. This ensures that you will have the most effective and reliable system for your facility. With our help, your operation can enjoy healthier crops, reduced energy bills and less downtime.

Controlled Climate Systems

Maintaining the proper humidity and temperature inside a cultivation facility is crucial for the health and yield of cannabis crops. Our indoor grow room equipment ensures that the best conditions exist for cultivation, while also being energy efficient. We know more about these systems than anyone else serving the industry.


A modern growing operation depends on automation to make the most of every available resource. With the Surna SentryIQ™ Central Plant Controller and our other units, cultivators can control and monitor HVAC elements with precision and accuracy. You can keep everything in your environment running smoothly with our help.


Disease and invasive organisms can wipe out all your hard work before you realize it. Protecting your plants requires thorough and decisive measures. Our biosecurity is based on best practices and encompasses comprehensive consulting and safeguards to keep your facilities clean and free from threats.