(Video) Michigan Commercial Cannabis HVACD Review

TruGro’s Director of Cultivation, Tom Schneider reviews his climate control system and offers his take on building out a commercial grow. Stay tuned to see why Tom recommends Surna Cultivation Technologies.
February 16, 2022

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Take an inside look at this 100,000 sq. ft. commercial cannabis cultivation facility located in Michigan.

TruGro’s Director of Cultivation, Tom Schneider reviews his climate control system and offers his take on building out a commercial grow. Stay tuned to see why Tom recommends Surna Cultivation Technologies.

Note: this video has been age-restricted by YouTube due to its images of cannabis plants. If you are over 18-years old, you may view this video by logging into your Google account.

HVAC Review Transcript:

My name is Tom Schneider and I am Director of Cultivation.

We’ve got 35,000 square feet built out with another 70,000 square feet under construction. 

In 2013 in Colorado, we began working outside of the more caregiver market and moving into large-scale warehouse style facilities where we saw the pitfalls of growing with older technology that was not made for cannabis cultivation.

The goal was growing with equipment that would get us at least five years turning this room over every two months without massive failures and also keeping a really good efficient environment in there to the best of our abilities.

Surna’s plan was giving me the environment that I requested. Our goal has always kind of been the same; it’s to grow the best flower as well as do that very efficiently.

Every day of downtime especially in a flowering room represents a huge amount of financial responsibility. Utilizing the right equipment from the beginning has allowed us to limit the amount of down time in our rooms.

[If] you’re building out a commercial grow for first time and you’re looking for a little bit of advice, really spend more time than you want to on design and engineering because you only have a chance to do that once.

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