What Growers Need

What Growers Need

Posted by Celia Daly on August 27, 2015 12:00 am
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We know what plants need and growers want because we’re growers too. Our technology is developed by working in grows to understand the limits of current offerings on the market. From there, we spend countless hours developing the best product we can think of.

It started with a chiller

Back in 2006, Stephen Keen was struggling with the temperature of his garden in the summer and decided to try something new. From there, he tinkered until he came up with the Banks Chiller System (a predecessor to Surna’s chillers). The chiller was so effective, he later decided to give it a try in a cannabis garden.

Stephen then put his years of cannabis growing experience to use and created the idea for a water-cooled light that ultimately became the Surna Reflector. But Stephen needed input from others to help create the revolutionary hood. Surna gathered some of the best engineers from aerospace, HVAC and design backgrounds to create the final product and bring Stephen’s vision to life. The result is a reflector capable of producing more light-on-target while also providing point-source heat removal, preventing heat from the bulb from heating up the room.

To round out the product line based on growers’ needs, dehumidification was also tackled. The Surna Dehumidifier is capable of removing up to three times as much water from the air as other dehumidifiers at a similar price point.

A Love of Growing

What the future holds is up to the needs of growers. As our team of engineers, many of whom grow at home, delve into the problems faced by commercial growers, Surna’s technology will evolve to meet those needs. We are devoted to solving the technological problems of commercial growing and creating the best equipment available in order to grow the best cannabis products.

Our engineers don’t just create our products, they also use them in their own indoor gardens. It’s hard to be around people this excited about growing cannabis and not become excited about it yourself. That’s why so many of our engineers either already grow or start a new hobby of it: the excitement is contagious.

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