Surna is the perfect partner for your indoor cultivation design success

Surna has a proprietary algorithm for load calculation based on our extensive experience which allows us to precisely design and hold a specific temperature for a grow space factoring in lighting (sensible) and watering/transpiration rates (latent). We can be your resource.

We offer these services for the grow spaces as an option and can partner with you to either review only while you stamp the drawings while we perform the equipment design, or we can provide the products that you design around. In this case we can provide product selections, performance and specifications in your design.

No matter how little or how much you need our assistance, you can be assured that our products are designed to specifically address the challenges of the cultivation industry by being;

Ductless – No ducts in the space. Ducts are larger than pipes so airflows are hard to change without reconfiguring the whole ducting if you decide to change later. Most importantly, ducts are a biological concern as they harbor pests, mold and mildew.

Modular – N+1 redundancy is easily available for all units in the system so you don’t lose your grow space temperature/humidity when a unit needs service. A modular system is easy to reconfigure to add or subtract capacity when your grow space needs change. Additionally, if you ever need to relocate any unit to a different space, you can easily remove any units without special equipment.

Sealed grow environment – No outside air is required as most indoor growers use CO2 injection to promote plant growth. With the sealed environment, we do not remove or dilute the CO2 by sending it to outdoor units or adding outside air.

Condensate reclamation – All Surna products are designed so the condensate can be recycled and re-used by simply adding nutrients to the water.

Flip Compatible – Due to the cooling system being detached from the terminal units as is the nature of a chilled water system, we can “flip” grow rooms to allow for less installed tonnage (first cost savings) as well as more cultivation for less electrical infrastructure requirements.

Controls Flexibility and Integration – Simple 24 volt controls interface to all units; compatible with any controls system on the market. And for a more cost effective, immediate solution, everything can run stand alone with simple thermostats and stand-alone controllers for easy future integration.

Energy Efficiency – We offer systems with higher energy efficiency and less connected electrical usage than standard packaged unitary units at a very competitive installed cost. In addition, system designs are available with economizing options without putting outside air in the space or running compressors any time ambient temperatures are below 40°F (4°C).

We offer products specifically designed to meet these challenges including:

Fan Coil Units (FCU’s) – Surna’s FCU is different by design as it was designed specifically with the grow environment in mind. We provide multi-directional ductless discharge to promote uniform airflow in the grow space, deeper chilled water coils for more latent capacity removal, and they are low profile so are easily mounted in the space without interference.

Dehumidifiers (DHU’s) – available in applications (if desired) to handle lights off RH% so that mold and powdery mildew do not propagate.

Vflo fans – To promote vertical airflow and therefore overall temperature and humidity uniformity to eliminate “hot spots” in the center of the canopy.

Biosecurity/PCO Units – Stand-alone ductless units are used to pull grow space air in a lower velocity to eliminate biologicals from the air. The reactor bed is filled with small glass rings that have been coated with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), which acts as the catalyst. As the ultraviolet light shines on these glass rings, the TiO2 triggers a reaction in which molecules of pollution are turned into less harmful substances, such as water or CO2. These small rings work in tandem with ultraviolet lights to kill bacteria, fungus and mold spores.

Small tonnage chillers – Available in 2-10 tons, single or three-phase electrical. Cost effective small tonnage chillers offer the ability to design for N+1 redundancy, or direct connection to nutrient cooling loops in fertigation systems.

Custom greenhouse solutions – Custom mechanical cooling/heating solutions are available for either new or existing greenhouses. These systems can be located either inside or outside the environment and offer two different design approaches. The outdoor solution can be designed for compatibility with existing ventilation designs by “pre-treating” the outside air entering the space on the hottest days. Essentially “trimming” the entering air temperature so it always feels like a mild day in the space while still utilizing the sun as you primary lighting source. Indoor solutions can be coupled with a non-ventilated design by slowly recirculating and de-stratifying the air, all while cooling and dehumidifying.


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